Wednesday, July 2, 2014



Pushed with my back against the wall.
Downtrodden, overwhelmed, in doubt.
So many thoughts I can't recall,
In quiet cries, the words slip out,
"Unyielding tides have pulled me down,
I'm sinking fast, and feel alone."
I question where He put His trust.
This soul has had enough.

With mornings light, a view from home
Invokes in me His mercy:
I bore two thousand years ago
The onus of your journey.
With innocence and perfect grace,
I stood there, willing, in your place.
What I endured in flesh and blood,
Was it not far enough?

To ask for one more drop to fall,
Another taunt or lash or thorn?
My name mocked in the public hall,
Already beaten, battered, torn.
Be still. At peace. Keep looking up,
I left no dredges in the cup.
The span and depth of what you feel,
Has been surpassed by my ordeal.

I ask for His confirming hand,
Stretched out to meet God's measure.
Absolving lone attempts to stand,
Acquainted with my brother.
His sacrifice consoles my heart,
Perspective to endure my part.
Secure in His atoning love,
Assures, it is enough.

2014 Nancy Busby

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